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Building a food management system for ArcelorMittal, the world leader in steel production

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel producer, with an annual production of 93.6 million tons of crude steel. With operations spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, ArcelorMittal sought to ensure the evolution of its inputs and mining to offer the best returns to the industries it serves.


Working with ArcelorMittal, INFLOR developed a food management system to serve and manage the meals of more than 3,000 ArcelorMittal employees and their outsourced staff.


Integrated with the company’s access control turnstile and ERP (SAP), the new food management system means ArcelorMittal has full control of the entrance and exit of the employee restaurants.


The system also allows the ArcelorMittal team to know how much each restaurant will use up in terms of the menu and the amount of food that will be necessary for preparing the meals according to the total number of people.


ArcelorMittal can also use the system to control the amount of remaining food resources, receive feedback from diners, and collect data for future evaluation, in order to improve the daily menu options for their employees.

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